Education & Counseling management is an emerging & a challenging field. It ensures a rewarding career as a professional & an entrepreneur. You would be trained to empower others to develop a flexible & an optimistic perspective towards things. By understanding the psyche of adolescents (as students), would make it easier for you in capacity of a teacher or an educationist to develop & deliver the content in an effective & efficient manner. In addition to it you will be transforming lives as counselors, teachers, educationists, consultants, social workers, behavioural trainer, private practioners & many other opportunities.

Semester I

  • Understanding education & Concepts of counseling
    Psychology: Concepts, Theories, Historical development & Myths.
    Intelligence : Theories & Measurement of intelligence
    Personality : Meaning,- Theories- Assessment & Development
    Issues of adolescent's period Physiological, Cognitive &
  • Psychological
    Understanding Individual differences
    Goal & Trends in Education
  • Effective teaching methodology & latest techniques

Semester II

  • Difference between counseling, guidance & psychotherapy
    Types of counseling processes
    Relevance of counseling & its future.
    Conflict & Adjustment : Concepts, Situations, Areas of adjustment, Defense Mechanisms
    Attitude formation
  • Understanding Lifestyle issues of students
  • Emotion management in classroom
    Concept of discipline & techniques to inculcate it.

Semester III

  • Ethics in counseling & Qualities of an effective counselor
    Areas of counseling
    Research: its meaning, nature, types, purpose, steps and limitations
    Tools for data collection
    Statistics for research
    Concepts of Aptitude, Interest & IQ
    Motivation : Concept, Types & Theories
    Classroom problems & Classroom Communication
  • Qualities & functions of head of the institution
    Learning disabilities among students
    Teaching special children

Semester IV

  • Project Practicum & OJT
    Case study
    Project Work
    Teaching Practice
    Counseling Sessions
    From Trainer to Motivator

Specialization Any Two

  • Teaching of language
  • Guidance and counseling
  • Teacher education
  • Special education
  • Classroom management
  • Latest teaching methodology
  • School library services
  • Comparative education
  • Adult and continuing education
  • Health and physical education
  • Education of children with special needs
  • Distance education and open learning
  • Environmental education
  • Value education
  • Employability Skills Education
  • Elementary education
  • Women education and Indian society
  • Co-curricular activities in schools


To Enhance Employability of every Youth: (Personality Development + Communication Skills + Soft Skills + Resource Management Skills + Situation Mgt. Skills + Time Mgt. + Positive Attitude + Mock Interviews + Interface with Corporate + Placement Process)